Escape Room - Заброшенная квартира Nr. 16
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…You get trapped in the forgotten apartment and the only way out is to unlock 7 locks of a solid door…

Kids room with drawings on the walls, living room with an abandoned fireplace and unfinished chess game on the table and, of course, the door with 7 locks. The first key is just there behind the unbreakable glass…

It’s almost cozy here, no stress or artificiality. All the tasks involve application of the objects, found in the room. So different and so interesting, but not too difficult. You can totally feel the spirit of Agatha Christie detective story. Great place for family fun and your fist acquaintance with escape rooms.


Definitely can serve as the first adventure for people, who want to try this kind of entertainment. Quest is perfectly designed to become your first experience with escape rooms. Cozy atmosphere, variety of thoughtful puzzles – with the average complexity and without any pitfalls.

Great choice for active families.


This quest room was the very first, that we’ve visited. I liked the room, because I was full of emotions and adrenaline at the end. The room is perfect for those, who like searching elements. Puzzles are hidden in totally unexpected places and it is fun.

Escape room is well thought-out, I could feel the atmosphere of abandoned place and at some point there is a sense of the presence of the former tenants. It requires teamwork and extreme attentiveness. I would advise this room for families with active children (12-16 years of age).


Room developers managed to recreate a truly warm, homely atmosphere. There is enough space for the full participation of a team of 4 people. Puzzles are not too difficult, but at the same time they are quite creative.

If you have not tried any quest room yet, than this escape room can serve as an excellent start.

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