Escape Room - Бункер
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4.9Overall Score
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…Mine-studded bunker is located deeply underground. You have only 60 minutes to get out to the surface. Hurry up! You need to get out as quickly as possible.

Bunker – a new quest from Escape Room. You need to get out of the top secret military bunker. Qualitatively made room with decorations suggesting that the quest belongs to quite famous and promoted franchise. It seemed as not that much puzzles for such a big basement, as well as the objects of the decor were not always related to each other. Sometimes it seemed that the complexity of the puzzles is artificially exaggerated in order to compensate their low number.

Bunker can be recommended to players who are interested in military subjects. By the level of realization this quest loses to the rest of Escape Room quests, however, we need to remember that the creators take their work very seriously and often modify the already existing options – so everything can change .

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