Escape Room - Подпольное Казино
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…Everybody wants to be rich. Right now it’s your turn. Steal a 1.000.000 from the underground casino. But don’t forget to sneak away before mobsters arrive.

Go through an inconspicuous door. There in unison with nervous beating hearts shining ball jumps over roulette wheel. On gambling tables with green cloth dealers with light hands decide the destiny of millions. And behind the wall clearly looming highly polished mafia guns. What are your bets? Will you get out of this game as winner?..

Puzzles was the most technically sophisticated, interesting and interactive that we ever seen, without repeating and with quality of realization only reinforced the impression of luxury and the reality of what is happening around.

Innovative side of this Escape Room are hidden into additional task, apart leaving the room quest you also can take money forgotten by their owners, amount depends of your ingenuity and desire. Puzzles which bring money are marked with special symbols. You may decide – to take maximal prize – one million dollars, or break out from this mysterious story as soon as possible and be glad for saving your freedom and life – it’s your own choice.

Do you want to finish this trial with grace and bag full of robbed money?

Do you want to observe Escape Game in better available technical and creative realization in Latvia?

… and have you ever think, who stay behind soft-cloth gambling table, colorful chip piles and paid packs of freshness crunchy banknotes?

Anyway the room will be a very interesting challenge for you, also difficulty level may be chosen during game process.

You are your mates are greedy team? So, then you have two options – get experience before visit the room, passing both other rooms, or… “Feeling yourself lucky?”.

Our strong recommendation.

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