Find Exit - Бейкер-стрит, 221Б
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…Panic spreads across London as the chain of mysterious murders continues. With Sherlock Holmes missing, and an innocent soon to be sent to the gallows, someone has to solve the case quickly. You only have one hour to find the real murderer and reveal their next move! Please hurry! Human lives are in the balance!

What kind of person comes to your mind when you hear the words “mystery, crime, investigation”? Could that be an angular profile of the famous detective from London, a resident of the apartment 221 B on Baker Street? Maybe the worrying and sad melody of the lonely violin is already playing in your head, frightening and exhilarating, it reveals – the great detective now has the right track, while slowly puffing an old pipe in the back of his living room. He has already formed the puzzle of evidence and clues into a clear trace that leads right into the lair of the criminal. Perhaps you would also like – at least for an hour – to become a colleague of the brilliant practitioner of the deductive method? And by analyzing all the data, brought by the witnesses, you could accurately show the right path to justice? If so, welcome to London apartment at Baker Street, 221 B!

This quest is kind of an art work. It doesn’t have repetitive types of tasks, illogical sequences and hackneyed tricks – it is new, inventive and carefully follows the spirit of the described time. All puzzles are neatly stacked and correspond to the mood, possibilities and the way of thinking of people in London in the late 19th century. However, perhaps the main thing in the room that amazes and fascinates – is its interior. It is beautiful, atmospheric, each thing being found in the room will cause strong nostalgia among the connoisseurs of Arthur Conan Doyle. Here are the boxing gloves of Mr. Holmes, the famous fireplace and, of course, the chair in which the detective’s mind would sail on the waves of smoke and logical chains… The museum Mrs. Hudson so wanted to create is now created and it is located right in the center of Riga. When we got out of the room, we barely managed to stop ourselves from asking the owner to allow us to stay in the room and drink English tea in quiet, uncluttered atmosphere of the Victorian style. In general, the room creates a very strong and positive impression, provides a lot of innovative ideas for puzzles and is perfect both – for connoisseurs of Escape games, and for the newcomers. This room certainly is our choice.


Like. Just a huge like from us. We liked the interior. We liked the story, and as a result, we followed quite an interesting plot. We liked the variety of puzzles. Very qualitative quest game – it doesn’t have the cliché of safe-lock-code tasks, in contrary, it is a consecutive and dynamic adventure.

The level of difficulty is quite high – it will require maximum attention and ingenuity in case it is your first time in the escape room. On the other hand, the ideal time for completion of this room is 60 minutes, and we think even after the time is out you wouldn’t want to leave. Highly recommended escape game.

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