Mysteria - История о Пропавшем Профессоре
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…Immerse yourself in the mysterious story of the professor, who dedicated his life to the study of paranormal phenomena, UFOs, anomalous zones, extraterrestrial civilizations and subtle energies. Professor disappeared under mysterious circumstances, but he left behind a very important scientific work that you have to find. The room is full of secrets and mysteries, and all that seems to be quite usual, may not be so obvious a the detailed study!

Escape the room in its classical view. Tasks do not always differ in diversity, which is compensated by unique solutions, well thought-out plot and atmosphere. It is evident that the creators of the adventure had enough enthusiasm.

The Room of the professor is a cool option for those who want to test their skills and rush into the world of escape the room adventures.


The main theme of the room can be traced through the whole chain of riddles. The room is minimally decorated, not so much of the attributes, but it fits in style. Almost equal in logical and searching tasks. Personally for me, there was an annoying element – music in the background, by the end of the game I started to have a headache.

The room is quite spacious with just enough space for four people and everyone will find something to do. Perfect for companies, that want to spend a good time.

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