Mystery House - Доктор Цинк - Спасение Мира
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…This will be a journey into the world of numbers, formulas, and chemical elements. Are you ready to retrace knowledge obtained back in school? You have been trapped in the laboratory of dark minded scientist Dr. Zink. He is planning to blow up the whole world. The stakes are high, and you do not have much time left. Will you be able to find clues, solve formulas, and deactivate the bomb before it’s too late? Time is ticking…

Dr. Zink , no doubt , was a genius . However , seems he got quite disappointed in humanity, since there is a powerful bomb installed in his office. There is nowhere to run, because there will be enough explosive power to light a new Sun in place of the Earth. Stop the bomb? Do you think the mad doctor made this task easy?

Professor ‘s office is decorated quite modestly, without frills, but is packed with a huge number of objects, puzzles and hiding places – the complexity of this place will give odds to any room we’ve seen before. There are a lot of puzzles , some of them consist of multimoves that require postponing the decision and use the information in a new way later … The creators did their best for you to remember this adventure . For those who want to find a really challenging and interesting Escape room – this place is perfect.