NoGame - Тайна Сумасшедшего Учёного
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…You are in the house where crazy scientist used to live. He used to be an anchored and no one ever seen him. Only wicked sounds were heard behind the walls of his apartment. On the 10th of October, 2014 sounds stopped. Worried neighbors called the police. When the door was opened there was no one inside. The scientist got lost, or did he exist at all? Still at darkest nights the wicked sounds are heard from his house…

Your mission is to solve the mystery of the crazy scientist and get out of his house just before…

In my opinion, one of the most difficult adventures in terms of puzzles, probably my agility got me too carried away with a secret ; ) . This is the first time we faced a real fear of not managing it on time, since the pride would not let us to use a hint .

At the end of the day it turned out that the rule number one in escape games – not to complicate the possible solution to the puzzles – played its the key role here. Great team of developers who are found of what they do. Unique puzzles, our verdict – a great quest!

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  1. Елена

    У комнаты сейчас явно проблемы с персоналом, перед игрой комнату не проверяют, у нас не работал один из ключевых моментов, персонал спохватился за десять минут до конца, не признавался что именно не работает и отказывался представиться.


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