Roombreak - Комната КГБ
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…You are wrongly accused of trying to subvert state power. Someone wrote a letter accusing you in the distribution of reactionary proclamations. You are in the Committee of State Security, in the office of investigator Boris Efrimovich, in the notorious basement of the house on Stabu Street. The indictment says that you have stated the intention to visit France. The air smells of warm mold, coming from the hot-tube, and hands are cold from the handcuffs. Investigator smokes his third cigarette in the last 10 minutes.

“An hour later, the convoy will come and you will be taken to the court. In accordance with the article of law, you face a firing squad. “Violation is too serious,” – says investigator with satisfaction, squeezing the cigarette between his teeth. For him – it is another done deal.

“I do not understand what I am accused of” I am trying to argue, “I didn’t do anything counter-revolutionary”.

“There are quite enough evidence against you in the safety locker, my friend,” Efrimovich carelessly nods towards green locker, “you sit here, and I’ll check if the convoy has arrived from the courthouse,” and leaves the room, locking the door.

You have 60 minutes to find the way to free yourself and your colleagues, just enough time to find all the clues, guess all the puzzles and open the office.

Cold basement. You are chained to radiator with handcuffs. Typical brown desk with a telephone and a neat stack of folders with captions “File № …” How do you think which one of them are yours? Escape? But how to escape from the evidences safely stored in the depths of the iron fireproof safe? They will find you at any checkpoint, any station, and every document check in streets. Green Speechless safe – are yours only way to freedom. Can you open it up before the convoy arrival?

The room was truly brilliant discovery. Contrary to expectations, the KGB basement did not bother by its interior, which created impression of very high quality scenery, whit which one was interesting to interact. Being in that environment it was difficult to resist and not try to imagine life of KGB investigator leading a lonely and hard work in an inconspicuous basement. All items are real, but puzzles are diverse and creative. The room is done with the soul, logic and kind of good taste. Our strongly recommendation.

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