Escape Room – is a team play, usually for 2- 4 people. Together with your friends you get locked in the room. Your task is to get out of it in a particular period of time, usually it’s one hour. How? The room hides lots of riddles, keys, puzzles, clues and mini-tasks that step-by-step will lead you to the final exit door. If you get totally stuck – there is always a room host behind the door, who will contact you and give you 1 to 3 hints. All the answers to an enigma are here, just find them. But the time is ticking already, so hurry up!

Always wished to visit pandemonium of vampires just before the darkness sets in?

Want to be a hero who disarms the bomb at a secret government object?

Desperate to find a clue to the evanescence of the professor, who studied time structure?

Want to feel yourself a pirate and steal the treasure from the chamber of Blackbeard, just past his watchful eyes?

Choose you adventure – and go ahead!

About us

We are the ones, who tried “Escape room” entertainment.
And then we tried once more.
And more, and more.

In short – we are the ones, who really liked this game.

As we see it – escape rooms, or also called quests, is a great activity for everyone who likes to have fun.
Quest rooms – is a teamwork, entertaining pastime and a great chance to use logical thinking.
Escape rooms allow you to have an advanced treasure hunt for adults.
These rooms give you a chance to break the cash box, unlock tricky locks and find secret passages.
And, of course, escape rooms is just a great subject to debate and share your emotions on the clues found and riddles solved.

As well as…
Each room is unique, with its exclusive décor, one of a kind puzzles, riddles, tasks and challenges. Each room has a charm and character of its developer. webpage is designed for easy information access on all quest rooms in Riga, Latvia and Europe. For the ones, who want to try this entertainment, follow latest offers and plan you pastime.

You have some questions or suggestions? Some ideas or recommendations? You know about new escape room we missed? Feel free to write us!

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