How to play? Here you will find a short summary on what to expect from the classic escape room quest. We will not reveal any secrets or give any advice on how to escape any particular quest – all we want is to give basic principles that, as we personally think, serve as main points of having fun in escape rooms. These principles will help you to get the best experience and great excitement of being inside the room.

The basic rule – is to look for simple decisions, since most of the rooms are designed for regular average players and no one expects you to calculate advanced math or use rocket science knowledge. The best way would be to use simple-to-complex approach. Don’t have a hang-up on brute force. Use teamwork, it helps a lot! Don’t leave your mate alone if one is having a problem, discuss the puzzle from different point of views. Most of the quests have quite obvious solutions, so the one, who is fixed on solving it in a complex way will most probably fail, or loose a lot of precious time.


The second key to success – communication between the team members . No way can you get out of the room without the teamwork and cooperation. Best practice would be to announce all the solved and found puzzles to the other team members, so that everyone has a full picture of progress. Otherwise the situation, when one tries to open an already opened box may spoil both – the result and the overall impression. Of course, it is quite challenging to follow everything that is going on in the room, since some tasks are solved simultaneously. Nevertheless, when the progress stops, make sure everyone is fully informed on all the clues and follow it up with brainstorming.
Each item in each particular task is usually used only once, so do not try to solve all the puzzles with a nut key nr. 42, but remember – there is always an exception in any rule. Share your emotions when solving a riddle, help each other and have fun, since these are the key elements of escape room adventures. It’s not the time you show is important, but the spirit, atmosphere and story of the chosen adventure you manage to live through.

The last, but not the least point – do not use force, demolish, pry out, scrub off, disassemble or perform other destructive actions in the room. Respect the work of room developers by remembering that all puzzles are solved in quite a simple way, and can be opened by any 12 year old. Most of the items, inventory and equipment are handmade and it will take some time to replace it, so use your mind force and all of us will be able to visit more rooms, solve more quests and get more enjoyment. Good luck in you adventures and have fun!